Eric Laws - Composer, Piano, Vocals

Despite his furry ears and slightly pointed tail Aeryk Laws has always felt welcomed on the streets of New Orleans. His attraction to the city's both friendly and malign characteristics is addictive, and he finds it an overwhelming stimulant. Since childhood, Aeryk's main love and focus has been music. The sounds of the piano echoed in the Laws house since Aeryk's infancy, and before he could color he was pounding on the keys. By his early twenties he had mastered his own compositional style; which evokes an unmistakable somberness. These tone poems intermingle with undertones of a childlike optimism, revealed to the keen listener. Playing an instrument for Aeryk is similar to breathing, but it is not his only creative outlet. He also releases his creative notions on many additional mediums (films, writing, art, etc.) Worked with musicians from Mick Jagger to Ann Wilson. He has created sound designs for over 50 theater productions, directed a "Dramarama" piece, performed in the big easy award winning "Hedwig & the Angry Inch", and plays for numerous bands (Morella & the Wheels Of If, Saucer Seed, Quaalords, DiNOLA). He can occasionally be seen sporting a top hat & sipping absinthe. Check out

Laura (LaLa) Laws - Singer & Writer

Laura took a hiatus from New Orleans to get her degree from Pace University in writing. Though she loved New York Laura always felt New Orleans was home and she returned shortly after she graduated. Once things calmed down after Katrina her brother Aeryk asked her to start a band with him and they formed Morella & The Wheels Of If. Laura felt she had truly found her niche in the writing world. She writes most of the lyrics for the band and then further expresses her emotion with her voice; an experience she is absolutely in love with.  Laura often writes about characters that intrigue her for example, Vincent van Gogh, Marie Antoinette, & Bonnie Parker. And she is drawn to the darker side of experiences like insanity, death, & loneliness.  Laura grew up in a musical family. She would curl up beneath her fathers piano while he rehearsed for gigs, listen to her Mamaw & Papaw play guitar and sing old country ballads together, and never grew tired of her brother practicing the same song over and over again when he was just learning in their youth. Laura wrote & performed in theatre pieces shown in DramaRama and New Orleans Fringe Festival with her fellow band-mates. She also had her directorial debut with the theatre piece Shipwrecked; a story based on the first song she wrote for Morella & The Wheels Of If. Here is an amazing composition put together by her brother, Aeryk Laws, of what he thinks people need to know about Laura.
Lala likes to sing out loud, lala likes to read, lala likes to ride her bike even in the spring. lala also likes to eat mostly mac n cheese, lala likes to dress fancy & party every week!