Morella welcomes the New Year at the Aquarium! 

A short little story LaLa wrote after a day spent at the Aquarium


Two-Toed Todd arrived at the Aquarium fascinated by all he had seen. But Two-Toed Todd allowed himself to be mesmerized by the wrong type of thing. The black fish with electric blue stripes, which no little boy should ever look at, danced just for him and Two-Toed Todd gaped at the fish with electric blue stripes for a long long time, perhaps longer than maybe he should have. All the other children hustled and bustled and…Read more

Morella travels to the Land Of Nod! 

Whats it like in a car with Morella on a road trip to the Land Of Nod Festival?  Well I tell ya it's great fun!
Aeryk likes to listen to books on tape, LaLa likes to take pictures of her fellow bandmates with the fisheye setting to amuse herself, Edward likes to eat crisps, and Anastacia of course likes to sleep because she is our Sleepy Girl.  Once we got to Land Of Nod we met up with our good friends Jimmy & Sue, Darnel, and RAtty and the craziness really started.  Though it rained and rained and rained…Read more

Morella at Mardi Gras 

We had a great time during Mardi Gras.  Aeryk & Edward marched with the Lyons Club on Fat Tuesday and LaLa and Anastacia crashed the march for a little bit.  We put together our own costumes, made our own head dresses, and drank our own booze.

Cabining in Mississippi! 

I happened to find the best place ever for Cabining!!! Cabining, for those of you that don't know, is what you might do if you are a lady like myself that loves the woods but wants to take a bath everyday.  And use a toilet.  And sleep in a bed.
So we thought Morella might need a good trip back to nature and thats what we did. Cabining in Mississippi!  This is what we look like while out in the woods!

What Scratch Recording Sessions are like at Morella Manor 

Pina Coladas, Listening to Nightmare Before Christmas on music box globe,  Chocolate covered almonds that were not for LaLa's! but she ate them anyway, Getting attacked by microphones, Moving on from Pina Coladas to PBR, Changing songs up a bit, Taking breaks because it is Really Really hot without the air on in nola and the computer needs a break too,  Talking about North Korea and the world coming to an end during breaks, Waiting for busses to pass, Watching Eric hard at work, and in the end Eating pizza…Read more

Music That Inspires Morella & You? 

We are in the beginning stages of recording our album and we thought we would share with you what we are currently listening to.  Music that inspires us or that we just like. 
*Please comment and let us know what music inspires you or music you think we might like to check out.

LaLa Soundtrack
Cab Calloway
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
Patsy Cline
Etta James
Edith Piaf
Nouvell Vague
Loretta Lynn
Little Mermaid, Phantom of the Opera, Fiddler on the Roof, Sound of Music, Marry Poppins

Aeryk's Soundtrack
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Recording Album & Preparations Involved Part II 

Things aren't going as well as we had planned.

We have a sneaky suspicion that LaLa will not be giving up cheese.  And she may have been involved in a swimming accident causing water to get in her ear.  This cannnot happen.

Aeryk has gone missing with the chains he left behind and a guitar string as our only clues.  We fear he may be practicing with his other bands!

Anastacia is not as graceful as we thought.  And because she was drinking LaLa's portion of booze she passed out on the hot coals!  This did…Read more

Recording Album & Preparations Involved 

This is a formal warning that we will not be playing much in the month of June due to us recording our debut album.

Because of the album which is very important to us-
La La is giving up booze and dairy for the month.  Well only dairy on the days of recording because her addiction to cheese is greater than her addiction to booze.  That and cheese doesn't usually make her vomit.  Although if she ate as much cheese in one night as she drinks booze...hmmm...perhaps.  She refuses to try this experiment.

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Radio Interview 

Morella is being interviewed today at 1:30 pm.
WIST 690 AM in New Orleans.

It can be listened to online by clicking on the streaming button and then listen live.

I'm sure it will be a real hoot and holler to listen to Laura sound like a dummy dumb.

Eric will sound professional, Anastacia will try to get away with saying as little as possible, while Eddie might make a verbal mistake bigger than Laura.

So tune in and enjoy!